By: admin | April 21 2017

I recently hired Mr. Watkins as my defense attorney, in which the case he handled for me , all charges against me were dismissed. In our initial consultation, Mr. Watkins asked me how I wished to proceed with my case and my reply to him, this is some crap and that I hoped to get all charges dismissed, and that’s exactly what he did. As myself and Mr. Watkins were wrapping things up, he then explained to me that I need to get my record expunged. I waited a few weeks before calling Mr. Watkins to proceed with this process. I attempted to handle the process myself, but the State had changed the process of how Expungements are handled ,so I explained to Mr. Watkins what was going on, but he assured me that I could handle this myself. Long story short, Mr. Watkins handled this process for me in two days, without me haven to be present. I suggest to anyone who is look for an attorney who exhibits nothing but the highest level of professionalism , who will with your best interest at heart, who gets straight to the point, communicates and keeps you aware, Marc Watkins is the go to guy.

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