What to expect from your first appointment with Marc A. Watkins?

When you attend an appointment with Marc A. Watkins, you will receive a pragmatic and considered advice. You get a potential opportunity of to discuss all your concerns about your legal case or proceeding.

Why hire a specialist lawyer when seeking divorce?

Since Law Offices of Marc A. Watkins is a firm specializing in divorce law, we are highly experienced in criminal cases, child custody, separation and domestic cases.

What is Joint Legal Custody?

Joint Legal Custody means that both parents shall share the right and responsibility to make decisions related to health, education, and welfare of child.

How to find a criminal lawyer in Georgia?

If you are facing criminal charges, or if you have already been charged with a crime, you should know that your best option to defend yourself comes at the hands of an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney. A criminal charge is stressful enough, so why not let us deal with your stress?

How to find an Affordable Criminal Lawyer in Georgia?

Though it is not recommended to choose a lawyer simply because he/she is the cheapest lawyer, usually people don’t consider cost when hiring a lawyer. Finding an affordable attorney in your budget can be daunting as successful attorneys often charge higher than lawyers with a less-proven success record.