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Being accused of (or being charged with) a crime or having to deal with a divorce or child custody issues can be stressful and confusing time. The opposing counsel, prosecutors, judges or police do not have your best interests in mind. So in such adverse scenarios, you need a tough lawyer who will fight for your rights and freedom. And you could not find anyone better than Attorney Marc Watkins who specializes in criminal defense and family law. Translating the complexities of case and then transforming it into actionable information for the clients is something that makes Attorney Watkins stand out from the rest. Simply put, law firm of Attorney Marc Watkins manifests a depth of collective knowledge and skills, what clients actually desire.

Marc A. Watkins has been providing excellent service in helping clients solve problems, achieve the desired results and realize the boundless opportunities. Therefore, with years of extensive experience in the law and being a former prosecutor, Attorney Watkins is here to assist you, to make you sail through the storms.

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Criminal Lawyer

Reasons why you should hire Marc A. Watkins

Marc Watkins is a Georgia licensed attorney who specializes in Criminal and Family law. Mr. Watkins is a former prosecutor who now uses his experience to defend those accused of criminal offenses. Mr. Watkins also represents those who face child custody and/or support matters as well as divorces. Be you in the metro-Atlanta area or anywhere in the state, Marc is ready to assist you. When trouble calls, we're on the way.

Outstanding Lawyer

I recommend him to anyone looking for any type of defense attorney, I’m more than satisfied with the outcome of Mr. Watkins work.

He got the whole process finished in exceptionally fast manner, at a very reasonable cost.

He maintained contact with me and my family the entire time i was detained.

Highly recommend

July 9, 2019


Best Attorney Out There

I have had several attorneys over the years. Marc Watkins has completely changed my perception of what an attorney can be. I can always get in touch with him. He responds to emails in a timely manner. He has a great ability to see the bigger picture. He will fight for you. Hiring him was the best decision I made in my case.

July 9, 2019


Family Law

Mr Watkins has been representing me for about 3yrs now, when my child custody case was spread between two different states. Mr. Watkins and I had not met personally yet my attorney in CO highly recommended him for the case in GA. He has contuined to represent me anytime I have to appear in GA. He provides professional legal advice. All cases that he as represented me in have been in our favor. He is knowledgeable, affordable and personable. I plan to contuine to retain Mr. Watkins until my child is an adult. I recommend his services to all those in GA. You won’t be disappointed.

July 9, 2019


Outstanding Attorney

I hired Mr. Watkins regarding a misdemeanor drug case for my son. Mr. Watkins was very professional, and he thoroughly explained all of the steps involving the case. Mr. Watkins had my son’s best interest at heart. He was able to have my son participate in a pre-trial diversion program, since it was his first offense. We received a favorable outcome for my son’s case. I am forever grateful for Mr. Watkins working on behalf of my son. He saved my son’s future and life. I would highly recommend Mr. Watkins to serve as anyone’s attorney.

July 9, 2019


great colleague

Attorney Watkins is an impressive attorney. I have seen him practice in numerous jurisdictions and I have only the utmost respect for him. i have no doubt that choosing Mr. Watkins is the best decision one could ever make when face with a legal problem.

July 9, 2019


Very Responsive

I retained Attorney Watkins for a case my daughter was involved in. He gave great guidance throughout the process and kept us informed every step of the way. He also was very responsive and made himself available when we had questions.

July 9, 2019

KT of Marietta

Excellent Attorney

I was in a bind and retained Attorney Watkins because he was highly regarded by acquaintances of mind.

Mr. Watkins EXCEEDED all of my expectations. He was highly responsive and got me a result I did not dare dream of, in a GOOD way. Retain him and pay him. He’s worth the money!

July 9, 2019


Contractual dispute

Marc has been an excellent attorney representing me in numerous legal disputes. Marc is extremely knowledgeable and has had all favorable outcomes in the last three instances where I needed his help. I highly recommend Marc to anyone and any situation. He can handle it and get it done!

May 9, 2017


Highly Recommended

I hired Mr. Watkins to handle a case for my teenage son. I worried about the outcome, but there was no need. My son was given a fine, community service and no probation. Never saw the inside of a courtroom. Mr. Watkins was informative, helpful, very knowledgeable and affordable. I highly recommend his services and would use him in the future should I have any further legal needs.

May 4, 2017


Warrant Application

I cannot give enough thanks to Attorney Watkins. This was the second time in a short period in which I had adversity staring me in the face, but also the second time I walked away without any charges or accusations being held against me, and I owe it all to the LORD and the professional work ethic of Mr. Watkins. Communication was superb, I would ask myself why he was calling so much, but he kept me informed of every step that he was taking to rectify my issue. I pray that no one ever needs an attorney, but if you do, MARC WATKINS is highly recommended by me.

May 4, 2017


Visitation Modification Hearing

My experience with Marc from start to finish was excellent. Marc helped me out tremendously in a nasty visitation modification hearing. Marc was meticulous with how he approached the hearing and well organized throughout the entire process. Marc mediated between both parties until a logical, realistic resolution was agreed upon. If I were to ever need another Attorney I would not think twice about consulting and hiring Marc.

April 28, 2017



I recently hired Mr. Watkins as my defense attorney, in which the case he handled for me , all charges against me were dismissed. In our initial consultation, Mr. Watkins asked me how I wished to proceed with my case and my reply to him, this is some crap and that I hoped to get all charges dismissed, and that’s exactly what he did. As myself and Mr. Watkins were wrapping things up, he then explained to me that I need to get my record expunged. I waited a few weeks before calling Mr. Watkins to proceed with this process. I attempted to handle the process myself, but the State had changed the process of how Expungements are handled ,so I explained to Mr. Watkins what was going on, but he assured me that I could handle this myself. Long story short, Mr. Watkins handled this process for me in two days, without me haven to be present. I suggest to anyone who is look for an attorney who exhibits nothing but the highest level of professionalism , who will with your best interest at heart, who gets straight to the point, communicates and keeps you aware, Marc Watkins is the go to guy.

April 21, 2017

Mr. Williams

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